City Helps Residents Save Water (and Money) Through Regular Leak Monitoring

Leaky FaucetAs water meters across Lomita are read every other month, the Lomita Water System automatically detects possible water leaks by identifying meters that may have continuous or intermittent water flows. Once any possible leaks have been flagged, City staff will send residents a courtesy notification letter that there may be a leak somewhere on their property – helping Lomitians save water (and money) by finding and fixing leaks before they potentially worsen.

“Our Lomita Water team is proud to help catch leaks for residents using Lomita Water System’s data,” said Public Works Director Carla Dillon. “We know that water leaks can result in higher than usual water bills, and can even lead to property damage, so the sooner they can be addressed, the better.”

If residents receive a courtesy notification letter regarding a possible leak, there are some easy-to-follow steps they can take:

  • Check all water fixtures on the property. (Common small leak areas include toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, showers, faucets, fountains, pool/spa filling, hose spigots, sprinklers, irrigation valves, fire protection, etc.)
  • Put food coloring in toilet tanks, wait 10 minutes without flushing, and see if dye appears in the toilet bowl. If dye appears, then the toilet could be leaking.
  • If something occurred that would cause water to be flowing a greater than normal amount, then there may not be a leak.
  • If water usage is significantly higher, and all obvious sources have been checked, then the resident or property owner may consider seeking the help of a professional to identify the source of the leak.

Residents who receive a possible water leak notice may request additional information from the City.  Lomita Public Works can share data regarding the number of days the leak was detected and whether it occurred for full days or partial days. (Request this data by emailing or calling 310-325-7110 x155.) Residents who cannot find a leak may request that the City conduct a leak log, which provides a graph with daily consumption of water and leak type detected for each day. (This may take 1-2 weeks to obtain and transmit the data. Enter requests here.) Residents who have recently completed repairs may request a re-read of the meter to see if a leak is still present. (Enter requests here. Be sure to include your account number, email, and request “leak re-read.”)   

For additional information about the City’s leak detection efforts, please contact the City at (310) 325-7110 ext. 155, or by email at

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