Do we have hard water?

Water hardness refers to the mineral content in the water, largely made up of calcium and magnesium. The City’s water supply is generally between 260 and 300 ppm.

Although the hardness of the water does not affect its safety, the higher mineral content can cause white spots on glasses in the dishwasher, white film on the walls of the shower, and mineral buildup on faucets. Lomita receives water from the Colorado River, Northern California and local groundwater. Northern California water is “softer” but, due to the ongoing drought, the amount of Northern California water that Lomita receives has been minimal to none. Colorado River water and local groundwater tend to be similar in hardness.

If you are concerned with hard water and spotting, it is best to read the owner’s manual for your appliances and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding settings for hard water. Some other tips that may help reduce spotting include using more cold water instead of hot, varying the brand and type of rinse agent and detergent and adding white vinegar to the rinse cycle of the dishwasher.

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