How is the City getting Water and What Happens in the Event of an Emergency?

The City’s water system is currently receiving water through its multiple pre-treated imported water connections at various points in the City.  Redundancy equals options, which is critical during dynamic emergency situations, and the City maintains (2) imported water connections with Metropolitan Water District with unlimited flow restrictions as well as (3) redundant emergency interconnections with neighboring water systems to ensure water source availability in an emergency situation.  Although water treated elsewhere and imported into the City is more expensive than water produced and treated locally, the City is better able to ensure the quality of water our residents receive while CWPF is offline by meeting demand through our MWD connections.  As CWPF is upgraded to address the recent benzene intrusion, the City will return to normal blending operations and add the additional layer of redundancy back into our water system while at the same time improving the overall quality of water received by our residents. (Updated 08/2019)

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