How do I know whether my home/address was affected by the April/May 2019 benzene intrusion?

The Cypress Water Production Facility provides blended water to Zone 1 (generally the area of town to the North of PCH). Elevated levels of benzene in the City’s pre-blended raw water was initially detected on April 30th and, once confirmed, the City immediately transitioned to 100% imported water. This pressure zone typically receives a blend of water purchased from Metropolitan Water District (MWD) and treated water from Well No. 5 in the Cypress Water Production Facility (CWPF). Per the sampling throughout the City’s distribution system, benzene was detected from ‘Not Detected’ (ND) to 1.4 parts per billion (ppb) in the distribution system. As of May 15, Zone 1 is receiving water entirely from MWD.

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