Where and when did the City test the water supply and find elevated levels of benzene in May 2019?

Benzene was first detected at the groundwater well (Well No. 5) located at the Cypress Water Production Facility (CWPF) at 26112 Cypress Street. On May 9, 2019, the City received a result for a single annual water quality test sample collected on April 30, 2019 that showed benzene detection over the maximum contaminant level (MCL) at 3.2 parts per billion (ppb) in the water supply at Well No. 5. Between May 9 and May 15, 2019, the City then tested at multiple points throughout the City’s treatment and distribution systems. Test results confirmed benzene was detected at 3.6 ppb and 3.7 ppb at Well No.5, and from Not Detected (ND) to 1.4 ppb in the distribution system.

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