Why Doesn’t the Cypress Reservoir Currently have Water in it?

The Cypress Water Production Facility (CWPF) – which includes the Well No. 5 and the Cypress reservoir – is currently off-line due to a detection of Benzene in the City’s groundwater source.  CWPF is designed to treat ground water produced from Well No. 5, blend it with imported water and transfer it into the Cypress Reservoir for storage prior to being distributed out into the water system.   This generally allows for a cycled operation of the production, treatment and storage processes (i.e. produce, treat, fill, draw down, produce, treat, fill, draw down, etc.) and provides additional redundancy in the case of an emergency where additional water capacity may be needed.  Because the City is currently meeting its service demand through our multiple pretreated imported water connections at various points throughout the City (rather than drawing water from the well site at CWPF and treating it on site before distribution), the Reservoir is currently not in use. (Updated 08/2019)

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