City of Lomita Enlists Contractors to Assist with As-Needed Repairs

As the City of Lomita continues to improve its extensive water system, it’s necessary to seek out qualified contractors who can assist with maintenance of City facilities on an as-needed basis.

The City owns and operates a State-regulated water system. Components of the City water system include 41 miles of underground piping, one groundwater source well, two reservoirs and two pressure-reducing stations. The system also includes approximately 797 valves, 470 fire hydrants, 55 flushing points and approximately 10 sample collection sites.

With a system of that size, hiring contractors to assist with maintenance allows the City to swiftly respond to requests and emergencies involving street improvements and water main repairs and replacements. In December 2022, the City entered agreements with two contractors, both of which have decades of public works experience with local municipal agencies. In early January 2023, the City already required the services of one contractor to assist in repairing a damaged water pipe.

Hiring contractors also allows the City to focus on capital improvement projects (CIPs). The additional support will help the City make larger strides on the Narbonne Avenue Water Main Replacement & Street Rehabilitation Project, which the City included in the 2022-2027 CIP Master Plan. The project involves constructing approximately 1,600 linear feet of new water pipeline on Narbonne Avenue from Pacific Coast Highway to the southern end of the City, and installing fire hydrants, service laterals, valves, blow-offs, air release valves and other associated water parts. The design of the project will begin in February 2023 and is expected to be completed in five months.

While the City is not hiring more contractors at the moment, the City welcomes requests for proposals (RFPs) on an as-needed basis. To stay up-to-date with the City’s current bids and RFPs, visit

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