The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) emergency repair project is complete, and the below City of Lomita restrictions apply.

In 2021, the Lomita City Council adopted a revised Water Shortage Contingency Plan, eventually declaring Water Shortage Contingency Stage 1 in December and Stage 2 on June 21, 2022. With both the Water Shortage Contingency Plan and Stage 2 Drought Restrictions underway, the following measures will take effect on July 1:

  • All landscape irrigation limited to no more than two (2) days per week from June 1 to Oct. 31 and no more than once per week from Nov. 1 to May 31
  • All landscape irrigation limited to no more than 10 minutes per station per watering day
  • Water landscaped areas, including trees and shrubs located on residential and commercial properties, by using a bucket, hand-held hose with a positive shutoff nozzle, or low-volume, non-spray irrigation
  • No refilling of ornamental lakes or ponds, except to sustain aquatic life
  • Repair or isolate leaks within 48 hours of notification by the City
  • Pools or spas to have a cover to prevent evaporation
  • Cease all operations of decorative water features (fountains, ponds, etc.)
  • No landscape irrigation during or within 72 hours of a rain event
  • Commercial nurseries to use water only during the hours from midnight to 6 a.m.
  • Commercial landowners to allow tenants the option of replacing lawns and landscapes

In addition to Stage 2 restrictions, baseline conservation prohibitions remain in effect. These include:

  • No irrigation between 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. except city-approved drip irrigation
  • No washing sidewalks and driveways with water; no runoff allowed into streets or storm drains
  • Car washing only with a bucket or a hose with shutoff valve or nozzle; no runoff allowed into streets or storm drains
  • Excess irrigation runoff is prohibited
  • Restaurants to serve water only upon request
  • Restaurants to wash kitchen and dining room with bucket or specialized water broom only
  • Hotels/motels to provide customer option of daily laundry
  • Automobile wash business must use water recycling systems

The City maintains the ability to impose penalties for noncompliance with the restrictions provided for under the various Stages. Should the City find it necessary to move to Stages 3 of the Contingency Plan (as West Basin has), further water saving measures and restrictions would take effect. 

As California continues to face unprecedented drought conditions, it is necessary to reevaluate water usage as we enter hot summer months. Doing your part to adhere to the measures above can help ensure water resources remain in Lomita.

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