Benzene Investigation Update – March 2020

The City of Lomita has been working together with the State Water Board to investigate the source of benzene detected in groundwater under Lomita last year. We’re also moving forward with upgrades that will remove benzene. In the meantime, we are continuing to provide safe, clean, reliable water through our imported water connections.

As part of the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s ongoing investigation, four potential sources of the benzene intrusion (see map below) have been identified. Sampling efforts have begun to determine whether these locations could be the source of the intrusion. More information on each location is available in individual updates on the “News” page of

Benzene investigation site map

Potential sources of benzene intrusion being investigated as of March 2020

While that investigation is ongoing, the City of Lomita is moving forward with plans for the Granular Activated Carbon project. Originally planned to improve the aesthetic qualities of Lomita’s water, the project will also remove benzene and other constituents and allow the City to return to normal operations. The City has secured approval from the State Department of Drinking Water to build the upgrades and has applied for grant funding to build the improvements. While the GAC project is in progress, water continues to be provided through our imported water connections. In fact, during the revised operations period, we have been able to test and improve our various emergency interconnections to ensure that we continue to meet all State and Federal safety requirements and ensure we’re able to provide water, even in an emergency situation. 

The City is committed to sharing information and helping residents understand where their water comes from, and we encourage you to continue to visit for answers to Frequently Asked Questions, water quality data and reports, and project updates. Residents also have the opportunity to sign up for a tour of our water facilities to see firsthand how Lomita continues to provide safe, clean, reliable drinking water to our residents.

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