Water Quality Reports

The City of Lomita has committed to providing timely and up-to-date information through this website to ensure our customers understand the sources of their drinking water, and are able to assist us in monitoring and improving the Lomita Water system.

PFAS Laboratory Reports (2019)

The City of Lomita proactively conducted a voluntary test of its water for the presence of PFAS (per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances), compounds previously used extensively in consumer products such as carpets, clothing, furniture fabric, food packaging, nonstick cookware, and firefighting foams. You can read more about PFAS on the State Water Resources Control Board website.

Benzene Laboratory Reports (2019)

Distribution System Monthly Reports

To view Distribution System Monthly Reports, click/tap on any of the links below:

Consumer Confidence Reports

In addition to the City’s regular monitoring and reporting of the water system, in June of each year the City provides an annual water quality report for the previous calendar year, called the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). The CCR informs our customers about the quality of drinking water provided to them.  To view a report, click/tap on any of the links below:

City Staff are available to take your calls and emails to answer questions about the CCR or any of the City’s regular Water Quality Reports. Call the Engineering Division at (310) 325-7110 x170 or email lomitawater@lomitacity.com.

Cypress Water Production Facility (CWPF) Status Reports

As part of the City’s permit requirements through the State Water Resources Control Board, a monthly status report of the Cypress Water Production Facility (CWPF) is submitted to the State. The report summarizes well production and operations for the subject month, any operational interruptions and water quality monitoring data. Individual reports may be viewed by clicking/tapping on any of the links below. Click/tap here learn more about the CWPF and how the facility provides clean water to our residents.