City Council Adopts Updated 2022 Water Master Plan

Following the Water Subcommittee’s recommendation, the City of Lomita presented the 2022 Water Master Plan during the regular City Council meeting on February 15, 2022. In July 2021, the City partnered Dudek, an environmental planning firm, to complete a system-wide evaluation and identify future water system needs.

Since the 2015 Water Master Plan, the City has undertaken several pipeline replacement projects as well as upgrades to the Cypress Water Production Facility. To continue enhancing Lomita’s water system, the updated Water Master Plan lays out the City’s plans for improvements addressing system pressure and providing improved fire flow. It also recommends evaluating interconnectivity of the City’s water system zones and continued focus on water supply redundancy. 

“The completion of the Water Master Plan allows us to keep taking well-informed actions to continue to improve our water system,” said Public Works Director Carla Dillon. “Our priorities are to accommodate fire flow conditions and ensure that the City’s water system has the capacity and supply to serve our residents for many years to come.”

In June 2021, the City Council decided to postpone consideration of any water rate adjustments until the Water Master Plan is complete. As the new plan outlines the anticipated cost of projects, it will serve as the framework through which the City will analyze current water rates and determine the financial needs to keep improving Lomita’s water infrastructure. 

“Now that we have a holistic view of our community’s current and future water system demands, we can more appropriately revisit our water rates to make sure that our residents’ dollars are making the improvements to their water system that they have been looking for for so long,” said Mayor Cindy Segawa. “The City listened to our residents’ calls for investment in water quality and reliability, and now we have the framework that will ensure these new projects are accurately reflected in our new water rates.” 

The City is committed to sharing information and helping community members understand where their water comes from, and how their system is run. Residents are encouraged to visit to find all the latest water-related information and sign up for Lomita Water News Alerts.

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