City Water Subcommittee Reviews Projects & Listens to Residents

The City of Lomita Water Subcommittee met to review the current status of City initiatives related to water supply reliability and water quality improvement projects. On hand for the meeting were senior City Staff, representatives from regulating water agencies and the City’s primary water engineering and consulting firm.

Over fifty residents partook in the meeting and engaged in a question and answer session with water experts to answer questions about water quality, water regulations and to learn where the City’s water comes from and how it is delivered to residents.

A central focus of the meeting was a presentation by City of Lomita Public Works Director and City Engineer Mark McAvoy, PE, PMP. Click here to download and view the PowerPoint presentation. (PDF – Click here for install a PDF Reader).

Residents with concerns or questions about water quality are encouraged to contact the City using the information found here.

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