Lomita Water Releases Water Infrastructure Explainer Video

Lomita residents can learn about our current water infrastructure in this new Lomita Water System animated video! The video generally describes how the Lomita Water System treats and filters water from various sources and distributes safe, clean, reliable drinking water to our residents and businesses.

Lomita is fortunate to have a redundant system, which includes the ability to provide 100% imported water if necessary. While we work with the State Water Board to detect the source of benzene detected last year and upgrade our system to remove benzene through Granular Activated Carbon filtration, the City of Lomita is currently distributing water through our imported water connections.

Originally planned to improve the aesthetic qualities of Lomita’s water, the Granular Activated Carbon project will allow the CIty to return to normal operations. The City is continually upgrading our facilities and systems and is committed to ensuring that Lomita residents have the highest quality water for years to come.

You can learn more about the Lomita Water System, sign up for Lomita Water News Alerts, and even register for a future Lomita Water Infrastructure Tour at LomitaWater.com.

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