What is the City doing to ensure a clean water supply after the May 2019 benzene intrusion?

As an immediate response, the provision of water from the approved back-up source will mitigate any further exposure. Also, the City has recently completed the design of a Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filtration system for the Cypress Water Production Facility to improve aesthetic qualities of the City’s water system, and has budgeted for construction of the project in the coming fiscal year. Although the City could not have foreseen the benzene contamination, GAC filtration is also widely recognized as the best-practice method of addressing and removing benzene, and the City has already begun the process of increasing the design scope of the project to accommodate for benzene removal. The City will also continue to work with our partners at the State level to identify the source of the benzene and mitigate any continued contamination. Once complete, the GAC project will allow the City to return to normal operation of Well No. 5 and continue to provide a safe, clean, and reliable source of local water supply.

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