What type of water softener should I use?

We realize that some customers do not care for the “hard” (high mineral content) water many areas of Southern California receive. If you opt for a water softener for your home, there are a few things to be aware of.

Self-regenerating water softeners, the kind that requires rock salt, potassium or other material to be added periodically by the homeowner, are discouraged. The reason is simple. Los Angeles County recycles its wastewater and the salty water discharged by self-regenerating water softeners is not always removed during the reclamation process at the treatment plant. The more self-regenerating water softeners used in Lomita, the saltier recycled water in our County becomes. Recycled water is used to irrigate some parks, school yards and golf courses, among other things, and the grass and plants cannot always tolerate the high salt content.

There is an environmentally friendly option. If you desire soft water in your home, we encourage you to subscribe to a water softener service that picks up and exchanges the cylinder so the salt does not go down the drain. You’ll find several water softening services listed in the Yellow Pages or on the internet. (The City does not make recommendations on which softening services to use) Additionally, hooking up a water softener only to the hot water lines may save you money.

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