City Receives Final Approval for Operations at Cypress Water Production Facility

In early June, the City received final approval of the Amendment to the City’s Domestic Water Supply Permit from the State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water. The finalized Permit Amendment comes after extensive review by the Division of Drinking Water. The Permit formalizes the treatment operations at the Cypress Water Production Facility and includes a detailed description of all of the City’s treatment processes. It also includes conditions and reporting requirements that the City must continue to follow. Although approval of the Permit Amendment is a significant step in the City’s efforts to continue to provide high quality water to its customers, more amendments are proposed.  The City is currently in the design phase of a Secondary Filtration System at the facility to further address aesthetic qualities of our drinking water and reduce our dependence on costly imported water.  For more information on the City’s water system, water quality or any of the upcoming projects, please visit or contact Public Works at (310) 325-7110.

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